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Agh, it's not easy for me to dish out 5 star ratings in art I critique, but this picture really deserves it! Let's think about it real ...


What Scary Natural Disasters Have You Been In?
Let's share some scary stories!   Tell me about a terrifying natural disaster you have experienced in your life, if you're willing to share any. I'll list a some natural disasters,
Examples: Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, mud slides..and more.
Funny thing is, as I am typing this, there is a thunderstorm closing in on my area, hopefully I don't die!
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No art/motivation *RANT*
Ok first of all i'm sorry everyone if im barley posting any art..I have not been motivated at all..for one i always draw the same things and positions and its getting old. If i could get some tutorials that would be good
If none of you know i've dropped out of high school, they didn't seem to want to help me graduate, and yes it was my senior year..I was over the credit mark buuttt i was missing 2 math classes, 1 state test and personal finance test...which testing is also my weakness with my memory loss/issue..yes I have a IEP
I've been stressed lately, even worse that yesterday my chest, back and face were hurting and it felt like I was going to pass out or faint I got so light headed. We have no car because it broke down and we don't have the money unfortunately...
I've never wanted to drop out but it feels like I have no choice for the situation that I am currently in. They only care about the honor students who make good grades, they believe im starting short term memory loss from
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Sorry to seem like a dick, but please, do not thank me for the favorites. Your art is thank you enough! :D


Want to start or continue drama, or say something hurtful/potentially very hurtful? Flagging your comment as spam, and will block you if you do it again.


Don't take them as the holy bible, EVER.
Don't even take my things as the holy bible.
Just take chunks of info from various sources and come to believe what you will from everything; never trust just one standpoint in a situation!
Many psychologists are biased and know how to sway people towards views that either make them richer or makes the person feel better without actually being fair.
I'm just saying that a good amount of psychologists I see pander to emotion more than logic, but there are some highly intelligent psychologists who nail brain behavior, although those psychologists are usually the ones who don't feel like "guiding others to happiness" or ones like Sigmund Freud.
The truth about psychology is that the human brain isn't meant to be happy, it's meant to be depressed by default.
But happiness feels great, and should be achieved through truthful, honestly optimistic means.
Not delusion like placing blame on others, drugs, emotional music, venting, or other things that deal so closely with your issues unless you're confident that it will desensitize or exterminate your issue(s), not just dance around and practically praise your issues, or feel entitled to sympathy.

Remember: being tough is better than being emotional by default, but don't be too tough to too emotional. 
I don't mean abusive or other types of pseudo-tough, I mean tough as in enduring through pain, not taking stuff personally, and having an open mind. 
Don't live in lala land or be a non-sentient drone, just find your personality, your true personality, and learn how to just LIVE without having to constantly have issues with things or people, without having to use 'medicine' like music to deal with that stuff.
Being abusive is even weaker than taking abuse.

"I'd rather be the one pushed over than pushing over. Sometimes, it's better to just stand still, that way nobody gets hurt or taken advantage of. But there will be cars, trains, and lots of dangerous obstacles others will walk into, and sometimes you have to push them to safety; sometimes, a car will steer off path towards you, and another person will have to push you to safety. So just go out and take the risks, but don't take things too far whether for yourself or for others." - Me, 2017

Just be happy and relax, trying to never let yourself down over stupid shit.


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I wanna talk with some people, maybe Skype?
I hope to meet new people. :love:
To learn from my enemies and garnish happiness with my friends.


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